Experienced and Personalized Legal Attention in Pennsylvania

Are you facing a legal concern? Do you have a suspended license? Have you been injured on the job and need legal help to get the compensation you deserve? For all of these concerns, you can trust me, John J. Daly of the Law Offices of John J. Daly, Esq., LLC, to provide the right legal guidance from the hands of an experienced attorney. Serving clients throughout Pennsylvania, I am here to guide you through your legal concern to a successful completion.

Workers’ Compensation

At the heart of my legal practice is my work as a workers’ compensation attorney. I am passionate about helping workers get the compensation they are promised by law when they are injured on the job. From help with paying for medical bills to unemployment payments if you’re off work and even help getting rehabilitation services to get you back to work, you have rights when you are injured on the job.

Briefs and Appeals

If you have a legal decision you wish to appeal, you will want to work with a briefs and appeals attorney. I have strong writing skills to put to work for you to ensure that your appeal is read in the best possible light. Help ensure your success with the right legal help by contacting the Law Offices of John J. Daly, Esq., LLC, today.

License Suspension

In addition to offering the services of a workers’ compensation attorney, I serve area clients who have lost their drivers licenses as a license suspension attorney in Pennsylvania. I can walk you through the process of getting your license back, ensuring you successfully complete each step and are back on the road again in no time.

Experienced and Personalized Legal Attention

No matter which of these service areas you need help with, when you partner with me for your legal needs, you benefit from working with an experienced and personal attorney. I have been serving the area as both a defense counsel and a claimant for over 30 years, and I have earned a reputation for my personal attention to my clients. Give my firm a call today to discuss your legal concern, and see the difference that the right representation can make for your success.