Briefs and Appeals Attorney in Pennsylvania

Very few court decisions should be considered as final. If you feel that the court did not rule appropriately in line with the law, you have the right to make an appeal. However, you will want the services of a lawyer to help. The Law Offices of John J. Daly, Esq., LLC, offers the services of a briefs and appeals attorney who can help you prepare for an appeal and craft the necessary documents to ensure your success.

Briefs and Appeals Attorney with a Strong Track Record

The world of the courtroom is surrounded by documents. Legal briefs are the foundation of much of what the justice system handles, especially in an appeal. Having a skilled writer on your side as you craft a brief is essential.

I have over 30 years of experience as both a claimant and defense counsel. Because of this vast experience, I am well versed in the terminology and procedures necessary for successful appeals and effective briefs. I have a lengthy track record of successful cases to back my knowledge, and I bring the same level of dedication to every client I work with.

Effective Briefs Lead to Successful Appeals

As a briefs and appeals attorney, I am here to help my clients craft their briefs for their appeals and other legal needs. My exceptional writing skills help me draft succinct, clear, and engrossing briefs for appeals that will grab the attention of the court and ensure that the appeal is accepted. This is the starting point for a successful appeal.

Representing Clients as an Appellate Attorney in PA

After submitting the brief, I will continue to represent my clients as an appeals attorney. My experience means I am well equipped to help with the oral argument portion of the appeals process, once the brief has done its job. My knowledge of the law and ability to dig into the factual record sets my clients up for success. I bring a high level of composure to the courtroom that causes the courts to take notice.

If you have a court decision that you need to appeal, the right attorney is critical to the process. Contact the Law Offices of John J. Daly, Esq., LLC, today to learn more about my services and how I can set you up for success. With the help of a briefs and appeals attorney in Pennsylvania, you can craft a strong, effective brief and enlist the help of skilled representation for your appellate hearing.